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How can you collaborate?

  1. ideas

  2. Programming

  3. Advertising/publicity

  4. legislation

  5. investments

  6. Submit your suggestion

Ideas: We have a general idea on how to tackle the problem efficiently, but there will be a several of challenges along the way that will constitute extremely difficult problems, and we will need the best minds working on the solutions.

Programming: You can work directly implementing, coordinating, reviewing or inviting highly skilled programmers.
Advertising/publicity: you can directly disclose on your social networks, channels, websites, magazines, newspapers, on your profile, among friends, as you think best. You can also send media releases or in any way that is appropriate for you.
Legislation: throughout the process, there will be legal issues to be resolved and for that we will need excellence in advising on legal issues.

Investments: You can invest directly or bring in investors, or advertise among investors, whichever is most interesting to you.

Suggestions: Any other way of collaborating that you feel is comfortable for you and in synergy with the project, please send your suggestions.


Full members can work on any part of your project, they can choose how they would like to collaborate, can give suggestions to other collaborators add create subprojects that accelerate or improve the results of the main project.
Collaborators can work on their specialties, can give suggestions to other collaborators, create subprojects that accelerate or improve the results of the main project.
Laudable investors, Meritorious investors and Sympathizers can give suggestions on anything. If you want, can work on your specialties.
All members, collaborators, investors, sympathizers can have access to our private groups to follow the progress of the project.

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