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Enjoy the results and challenges along the process:

1.   When we manage to solve the immortality problem, members, investors and collaborators + 1 person nominated per member, 1 person nominated per investor and 1 person nominated per collaborator, will have priority in using this solution. If they don't feel safe with the preliminary results and prefer to wait for more results before using the solutions, they can give their turn to the other people in the queue, keeping 1 position behind for when they want to use their right to use this benefit.

two.   Opportunity to work on a revolutionary project, a watershed in human history.

3.   Opportunity to contribute to the cure of many diseases. This will be part of the process of solving the immortality problem, although the solution is likely to be based on improved immunity with a direct impact on all diseases.

4.   Opportunity to contribute to the solution of environmental, social and educational problems. We'll need a cozy place to live.

5.   The pleasure of dealing with stimulating challenges at a stratospheric level of difficulty, with solutions to problems of great importance to the real world.

6.   Participation in the profits earned with the solutions presented and in the investments.

7.   Possibility to create your own projects with financial support.

8.   Priority in the participation of future projects, since immortality will involve many important works in the future, such as avoiding collisions with asteroids, transferring the mind to digital storage devices and vice versa, resuscitation, terraforming other astronomical objects before the Sun incinerates the Earth, colonization of other astronomical objects, control over the increase in universal entropy, control over the local expansion of the Universe, and other problems that we don't have enough data to know for now.


Division of investments and profits:


  • 10% to founders

  • 80% will be divided among all members and collaborators, including founders and investors. Each contributors/members votes on how much percent he thinks the other contributors should receive based on last 30 days. Trimmed mean (without 10% higher and 10% lower) determines how much each one will receive.

  • 10% to prospector of donor (if no prospector, 100% to divided among members; if there are more than 1 prospector, 10% divided among them)

  • Each member or collaborator can invest their part as they wish, buying equipment, hiring assistants, etc.

  • Don't think on money as a profit. Think about how to apply the money to maximize the odds that the project will reach our objective as soon as possible. Money is not an end in itself, it is just a means to a much greater goal. Members and collaborators will have great freedom of action, allocation of time and resources. Use it wisely.

special subprojects

If any member needs more money than they have for a subproject he/she considers essential, he/she can make a brief description and a meeting request to present his/her proposal to all other members and collaborators. Then members and contributors who wish to use part of their resources to fund these projects can allocate their resources as they wish.

ATTENTION! Before requesting any meeting for this, make sure that your proposal is remarkable and justifies directing resources to it. If a member presents two projects that are not approved by any other member, he will not be able to request new meetings for 2 years.

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