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Elevate your company to the top. Accept nothing less than the best.


Would you like to increase your company's net profit by 20% to 60% next year?


For how much would you hire Elon Musk, Jeff Bezos, Bill Gates, Mark Zuckerberg, or Larry Page for consultancy or a lecture? Most people would find it insufficient to pay $1,000,000. And indeed, they wouldn't be able to hire these individuals for that amount.

Now, imagine if it were possible to hire these people with the talent they always had, but before they became so famous. Would you be able to recognize the competence of these individuals based on the intrinsic ability they demonstrate? Or would you need to wait 20 years until they became completely inaccessible?

Gates has an IQ of 160, while Musk, Zuckerberg, Bezos, Page, and Brin have IQs between 150 and 155.

IQ measured in clinical tests is useless nonsense, but real IQ, which reflects true intellectual capacity, is the most valuable attribute of humanity, taking us from caves to the moon.

Real IQ is related to the ability to solve difficult and complex problems efficiently, economically, quickly, and consistently, of any kind. That's why it is so important and valuable.

Any problem you can imagine, whether administrative, advertising, economic, scientific, political, etc., is solved using intelligence, and the higher the intelligence, the better the solution.

Of course, knowledge is often necessary as well, and one of the differentiators of Hindemburg is that, besides having one of the highest IQs in history, he is also one of the most complete polymaths.

Son of a former shoe polisher, Hindemburg spent much of his life in a favela, but currently holds the top position in high IQ societies. Since 1999, Hindemburg has enjoyed significant recognition in high IQ societies across various countries on all 6 continents, having been invited by the presidents of several associations to participate as an "Honorary Member," including at Pars Society. In 2002, Baran Yonter, president of Pars Society, a group for people with IQs above 180, commented that Hindemburg IQ was too high to be measured by IQ tests and estimated it to be over 200. In 1997, Hindemburg set the world record for the longest announced checkmate in simultaneous blindfold chess, as recorded in the Guinness Book of World Records 1998. In 2005, he was named the person with the highest IQ in Brazil, featured in a segment on the Globo Network's "Fantástico" program. In 2018, an international poll was conducted in a closed group for people with IQs above 150 to identify the five smartest living individuals. Rasmus Waldna of Sweden nominated Hindemburg, who competed with famous names such as Terence Tao, Rick Rosner, Garry Kasparov, Christopher Hirata, Kim Ung-Yong, Christopher Langan, Marilyn vos Savant, etc., and Hindemburg was the second most voted. In 2022, Hindemburg was invited to join the psychometric committee of the United Giga Society. He was also invited to be the representative for Latin America in the "Intercontinental High-IQ Forum" and invited to be the vice president in South America for the Genius High-IQ Network.

Hindemburg's talent began to manifest itself very early. At the age of 3, he surpassed the ceiling of tests for 9-year-old children, corresponding to an IQ of 300 with a standard deviation of 24, adjusted to 233 with a standard deviation of 16. At 9 years old, he solved problems that adults with an IQ of 180 could not. In adulthood, he enhanced the work of no less than 6 Nobel Prize winners, solved various scientific and mathematical problems that had been unsolved for centuries, and founded Immortal Society, Sigma Society VI and VII, which are among the most exclusive high IQ societies in the world.

In general, consultants repeat the same standardized, empty, and useless speeches, providing obvious information that you already knew. At best, they give you a little more confidence to confirm what you already intended to do, but they add nothing.

With Hindemburg, it's completely different. There are endless storms of brilliant and completely unexpected ideas that reveal aspects that no one had thought of and that were essential for the correct and complete interpretation of the problem. In every statement by Hindemburg, invaluable information is revealed, pointing to new and better directions to consider. The difference is so vast that it's indescribable. If you want to get an approximate idea of how one of the smartest people in history thinks and how he solves problems, read the series 'Guia dos apodícticos,' where you will find several practical examples. If you've already read and know what you want, now is the time to take the first step and hire a preliminary consultation

 Three of the key virtues of great entrepreneurs are:

  1. Seeing ahead, deeper, and clearer.

  2. Not postponing what should be done now.

  3. Making the right decision and taking action.

All the facts and information you need to make your decision and take action are there. Now, it's only up to you to seize this opportunity to benefit from the collaboration of one of the greatest geniuses in history to refine your company and shine brighter than ever.

Remote Lecture:

Regarding automated investment systems: $ 200,000.00 (valid until 15/12/2023)

For other topics: starting from $ 20,000.00 (valid until 15/12/2023)

Remote Consultancy

$1,000.00 per hour (valid until 15/12/2023)


Business Optimization:

$ 50,000.00 for evaluation and estimate. The service fee depends on the complexity, duration, and difficulty of the problem, but typically starts from $ 250,000.00 + 25% of the difference between the company's performance after optimization and the previous year + 1% equity stake in the company. (valid until 15/12/2023)


Re-hierarchization of Company:

$50,000.00 for the company assessment + $2,000.00 for the assessment of each executive to be reallocated + 25% of the difference between the company's performance after re-hierarchization and the previous year + 1% equity stake in the company. (valid until 15/12/2023)

One of the most important lessons from great entrepreneurs is that a lack of courage kills big businesses because the fear of taking action after understanding what needs to be done is by far the most common mistake that separates visionaries from the rest. All the facts are glaringly evident and show what needs to be done, but the person continues to fear, waiting for something more; it's the famous procrastinator's syndrome that self-sabotages, and years later looks back with regret and shame, spending the rest of their life lamenting the missed opportunity.

Every passing day, your company is wasting millions in opportunity costs by not operating optimally. Take the necessary action, lift your head, fill your chest, eyes of a tiger, adopt the posture of a winner, and take the first step to be a champion! Now! Not tomorrow, not in 2 minutes. Do it now. The sooner you start this great journey, the sooner you will reap its rewards. Hire a consultancy now and let's transform your company into the best version it can be, multiplying your results, reducing your costs, expanding your horizons, and solving various problems you didn't even imagine existed and were hindering your growth. Make the payment via pix, wise, or cryptos and send us the proof for scheduling. This will be the beginning of a new phase of personal and professional growth

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